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Mouthguards Reduce Injuries

Before mandatory oral-facial protection in football (1962), 50 percent of all injuries in football were oral-facial. After required use of protection, only 3 percent of football injuries are oral-facial.[7-10] It is estimated that annually more than 200,000 oral-facial injuries are prevented because of mandatory mouthguard wear in football.[11] Hard tissue trauma of the mouth and lower face was reported to be 60 times more likely for athletes who did not wear mouthguards. [12] Properly fitted mouthguards reduce the rate of concussions and dental and jaw injuries during sports.[13]

consumer statistics
consumer statistics

Sports Dental Injuries

An Illinois hospital study says that almost 10 percent of all dental injuries are sports related.[2] In collision sports, such as football, hockey and boxing, the risk of injury is obvious. Athletes who participate in these sports are required to wear protective gear. However, in contact sports such as basketball, baseball, softball, wrestling, soccer and volleyball, protective mouth gear is not mandatory and there appears to be little awareness of the risks of dental injury.

Easy to Use

  • Denta-Gard® does not require boiling and forming to your teeth. Nor does it require your dentist to take impressions. Its unique design produces a protective fit for any mouth size. Merely take it out of its protective case, fold over and place on your teeth. 
  • Latex-Free & BPA-Free.
  • Orthodontist recommended, it will not affect teeth positioning and offers a high level of protection.
  • Natural spring hinge permits the wearer freedom to comfortably open mouth, breathe and speak intelligibly.

Denta-Gard® has the protection, durability, affordability and comes in a variety of colors to fit your mood, your preference or your team colors. 

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