Why Denta-Gard?

Why wear a mouthguard that protects only half your teeth?

We are different by design!

The Denta-Gard mouthguard is designed to safeguard both upper and lower teeth, as well as soft tissue.  It features a natural spring hinge, enabling athletes to breathe with ease and speak clearly.

Being soft, pliable, and comfortable makes it a preferred choice among athletes. Orthodontists commend the Denta-Gard's excellent level of protection and its non-interference with teeth positioning during treatment. Active orthodontic patients have found that the Denta-Gard fits comfortably over virtually all appliances. Denta-Gard also complies with the guidelines from the National Federation of High School (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for mouthguards.

Unlike other mouthguards, Denta-Gard requires no boiling, forming, or impressions to fit a wearer. Moreover, its one-size-fits-all feature accommodates a small child to a large adult. Simply take Denta-Gard out of its protective case and place it in the mouth. Each Denta-Gard comes with a protective case to maintain cleanliness when not in use. Some coaches keep spare Denta-Gards on hand during games to replace a lost or soiled mouthguard or in case of an oversight.

Many coaches and trainers have described a common practice of athletes chewing away the ends of their standard hard plastic mouth guard.  This bad habit yields the mouth guard ineffective, but when inserted it is difficult for a coach to see that the protection needed is sadly missing, including any impact softening benefit.

By contrast, Denta-Gard does not lend itself to wearer destruction. Because Denta-Gard is soft and comfortable there is no tendency for wearers to take it out of their mouths to chew it.

Denta-Gard by its design and carefully selected materials encourages wear, which not only offers the wearer more consistent protection, but also better, more complete protection from injury.

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