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Denta-Gard Sports Mouthguard

Designed to afford a high degree of protection for upper and lower teeth and soft tissue inside the mouth. The natural spring hinge enables the wearer to mouth-breathe and talk relatively easily.

The easy-fit flex & stretch advanced technology eliminates the need to custom fit. No boiling needed.

Fold lengthwise so that flat surfaces come together. Put into mouth with hinges toward the back.

Ideal For Braces - Including Forsus & Herbst

The Denta-Gard Mouthguard is ideal for athletes with braces and is recommended for all patients to protect their investment in their oral health. It will naturally conform to standard orthodontic braces with zero adjustments. It also works well with expanders. You can even comfortably wear a Denta-Gard without orthodontic braces.

If you wear the Herbst & Forsus appliance, you will need to watch our modification video.

Helmet Strap or No Helmet Strap?

Denta-Gard Mouthguards come with or without a molded helmet strap. When a helmet is worn, the strap can be attached as shown. The flexible mouth guard threads through easily.

When no helmet is worn (baskeball, soccer, etc.), but the user wants a retaining method, cut off the helmet part. Using a lanyard method with something like a long shoestring, thread through one of the holes as shown.

In sports (such as martial arts of wrestling) when no strap is desired, simply cut off the entire strap.

Watch our demonstration video for instructions on trimming off the helmet strap or for attaching it to a helmet.

Quality And Durable Materials

Denta-Gards are made from material FDA approved and manufactured in the USA under FDA GMP. They are Latex Free and BPA Free. It exceeds sports safety standards for the NCAA & NFHS.

Sound teeth are the most resistant to injury. Visit your dentist at least every six months. Proper tooth brushing is vital to preserve dental health.

Care and Cleaning Your Mouthguard

Your denta-gard can be washed with mild soap and water, soaked in any mouth wash or boiled in water without harm or change in shape. It should be cleaned before and after every use.

Made in USA

Denta-Gard mouth guards are made in the United States, in central Texas. We take immense pride in emphasizing that every aspect of Denta-Gard, from the raw materials to molding, assembly, and any other associated process, is exclusively produced and fully processed within the United States.

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