Helmet Strap

Demonstration Video

Learn How To Attach A Denta-Gard Helmet Strap & How To Scissor It Off If Not Needed

Denta-Gard® mouthguards come with a molded helmet strap or strapless. In the event you are involved in a sport that does not require or you just do not want a strap, it can easily be removed using a pair of scissors.

In this demonstration video we will show you how to attach a Denta-Gard® mouthguard to a football helmet. For those of you who do not want to attach the strap, we will also show you how to scissor off the helmet strap.

Whether with the strap or without, wear your mouth guard. It will keep you from an unexpected dental visit and protect your smile!

Remember Denta-Gard® requires no boiling, forming or impressions to fit. It complies with The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) mouth guard guidelines.

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