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Ideal For Braces - Including Forsus & Herbst Appliances

The Denta-Gard Mouthguard is ideal for athletes with braces and is recommended for all patients to protect their investment in their oral health.

One size fits any size arch.

It is adaptable to the Herbst appliance & Forsus appliance.

Works well with expanders.

No impressions, boiling or molding needed!

The Denta-Gard is Latex-free and BPA-free.

Secure Fit

The natural spring hinge allows for a secure fit.

Protects the upper and lower teeth and involved soft tissue.

Allows open mouth breathing for higher sports performance.

Allows wearer freedom to speak.

Denta-Gard's have a natural Soft/Pliable conforming fit.

Choose with Helmet Strap or Strapless

Denta-Gard mouthguards are virtually impossible to bite through.

Made of FDA approved materials under FDA-GMP.

If you choose a denta-gard with a molded helmet strap:

  • scissors the strap cleanly off if no longer needed (wrestling, basketball, martial arts)
  • scissor off beyond the holes for use with a lanyard


Each Denta-Gard mouthguard is shrink-wrapped securely in its own case.

Packaged 12 per box all the same color.

Available Denta-Gard Colors:

Red, White, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, Maroon, Pink

Made in USA

Denta-Gard mouth guards are made in the United States, in central Texas. We take immense pride in emphasizing that every aspect of Denta-Gard, from the raw materials to molding, assembly, and any other associated process, is exclusively produced and fully processed within the United States.

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